4 Marketing Truths You Need to Hear Today

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I get it, lovelies: this world of marketing can be pretty confusing. You’re probably overwhelmed with different techniques and strategies to get on top of your online marketing, every one claiming to have “The Winning Formula” but how do you know which one is right for you?

Then you’re faced with All The Jargon tossed around by smug agencies to confuse and convince you to hand over your hard-earned dollar.

Well, I’m here to cut through it all: I’m calling BS on the overwhelm. It’s really not that complicated, the jargon is unnecessary and you’re smarter than all that anyway.

The secret is to tap into what’s already within you: THAT’S the secret sauce of your marketing strategy.

It’s those unique feminine gifts that are our superpowers in female-led businesses. It’s the intangible softness of our characters as women that never really gets mentioned in the strategy of it all. I’ve spoken about it before here, but when you run a business based on what you love, what your soul has called you to do: it’s easy. When you flow between your masculine and feminine energy: the strategy and the soul-ness of it all, it all just slots into place.

But, how do you do that?

Oh! I’m glad you asked. Read on, Wonder Woman:

MARKETING TRUTH #1: Spray & Pray marketing doesn’t work

TV & Radio ads, billboards, print ads: that’s what we grew up with, the “traditional” methods of advertising. Traditional marketing costs thousands to implement and is pretty much immeasurable. And the sad truth of it all? We as consumers are immune to being blasted with messaging that doesn’t resonate with us. We’re exposed to around 5000 ads per day, and we’ve got used to blocking them out: We’re smarter, with less time and a lower tolerance for inane messaging.

We’re driven by connection more than ever before. We relate to brands that serve us, stories that speak to us, and the people behind the scenes who make it real. With peer reviews being the foundation of businesses like Booking.com, Uber and Airbnb, there is nowhere for brands to hide. People buy based on recommendations, people buy from people.

When done right, online marketing can be organic and natural and authentic. When done right, you’re just telling your story to a tribe that wants to hear it.

Because your tribe matters. 

Which leads me nicely into the next point:

MARKETING TRUTH #2: Find your Niche

You’ve heard everyone say how important it is to find your niche. But, WHY?

Well, see above. As counter-productive as it may seem, the more narrow and focused your niche is, the more likely you are to build a tribe of avid fans of your brand. Trust me: you can’t nor do you WANT to serve everyone. ‘Everyone’ are not your people. ‘Everyone’ consists of trolls and haters and cynics and people who just don’t get what you’re selling.

Understanding and defining your “tribe”, knowing who they are and how you can talk to them, makes everything so much easier. When you know who they are, and most importantly how you can SERVE them, most of your marketing job is already done. Here’s a hint babes: most of the time, YOU are your Niche. Your voice, your passion, your values, a problem you face: they are so innately in you and are probably the reason you started on this mad venture anyway, amiright?

So here’s how to get clear on your Niche:
1. Get really granular on who you’re serving (your ideal client)
2. Understand what problem they are facing and how you can solve it
3. Explain how they will be changed as a result of using your product or service

Voilá! Now you’re selling to your biggest fans.

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MARKETING TRUTH #3: There is no USP in 2019

Your Unique Selling Proposition / Point is an old skool method of going to market.
And yes, there is a lot to it: it’s understanding how you stand apart from your competition, what makes your business a preferable choice and how you do things differently and better.

But here’s the stark reality for you, babe: it’s 2019. The chances of you striking on a unique idea or way of doing things is really slim. I mean, don’t let me rain on your parade: if you are the next Elon Musk or Steve Jobs, then don’t let me stand in the way! I bow down to your greatness (and I’m also a bit jelly). But on the off chance that you aren’t Elon 2.0, then creating a business or product that is unlike any other on the market is going to be a bit of a challenge.

But don’t worry, there IS a way to go to market, advertise, create content and build your company that is guaranteed to be unlike anything else:

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you”
– Dr. Seuss

I’ve spoken about this before folks, but our true magic and gift in business is understanding your essence, your story, your background, your values, personality and quirks. It’s about getting to the root of your YOUness and putting it on steroids. THIS is your superpower.

You might be thinking, “But Pam, I’m just Jane, I’m not special or unique.” To which I respond, “Are you CRAZY Jane? Please say yes, because crazy is the best kind of superpower.”

This is your time to find out who you really are and celebrate that person, because she’s wonderful. She’s kind and funny and compassionate. She’s also fierce and wild and fragile and complicated. And people love her. When this essence and vulnerability is poured into your business, your marketing and your messaging, you are no longer in competition with anyone else. Your authenticity is what attracts your tribe, and your tribe will follow you anywhere.

Here’s how to discover your USP:

  1. Write down ALL the aspects that make you, you: your hobbies, interests, passions, values, personality traits (good and bad)
  2. Delve into your story: what life experiences do you have that make you relatable?
  3. Lean in. Be honest, be vulnerable, tell your story.

MARKETING TRUTH #4: Selling doesn’t have to be Sleazy

When I mention sales, do you picture estate agents, used car salesmen and cold-calling? Do you come up in hives and want to hide under the nearest table? When I mention selling in your business, does your throat close up and your brain shut down?

I get it hun, trust me. The traditional idea of selling and sales is gross. It’s sleazy and uncomfortable and reminds us of red-faced overweight old men with a slightly sweaty, desperate aura about them.

Well, I’m here to tell you that selling doesn’t have to be sleazy. In fact, here’s a truthbomb: if you do it right, then selling is just serving. I’m going to say that again:

You can’t expect people to buy from you when you don’t tell them what it is you sell and how it can help them. Because, you are helping them, right? You are making their lives easier or better, right? You did start a business because underneath it all you want to serve, right?
You are trying to make the world a slightly better place with you in it, right?

Well then, go forth and serve! You are allowed to be paid highly for your services. You are allowed to do good work AND make good money. Tell your story, make connections, make a difference and tell people how you can help. They deserve to know. The world deserves your brand of brilliance.

With a bit of practice, you can start weaving selling into your messaging like it aint no thang! Coz trust me, it really isn’t.

If this resonates with you, lovely, then get in touch and let me know how I can help. I work with a combination of soul-work and strategy to make your business it’s most brilliant, marketable self.


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