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4 Marketing Truths You Need to Hear Today

I get it, lovelies: this world of marketing can be pretty confusing. You’re probably overwhelmed with different techniques and strategies to get on top of your online marketing, every one claiming to have “The Winning Formula” but how do you know which one is right for you? Then you’re faced with All The Jargon tossed around by smug agencies to confuse and convince you to hand [...]

12 FREE Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

So, you’ve spent a lot of time, money and energy building your business website. You finally launched it and... crickets. No one is visiting your site. WHYYYY? Well simply put, because they don’t know that they should. They probably don’t even know it exists. You need to tell them, you need to get word out there and start driving traffic, fast. The easiest way to do this [...]

How to ‘Unstuck’ Yourself

You know when you’re Stuck. Everyday feels like you’re sinking deeper into the quicksand of life. The more you struggle, the deeper you sink. You’re not even sure how you got here: it was a slow decent but now you can’t move. You’re powerless, your breath comes in ragged gasps and you can’t see how the heck you’re going to be able to climb your way [...]

The world needs you to lead

Why I decided to step up Throughout my career of working in companies large and small, I craved mentorship. All I wanted was someone to take me under their wing and train me up; upskill me and lead me forward. But I was never lucky enough to have that. Great leadership was something I looked for everywhere but never found. It was something I tried to [...]

Say YES to greatness

Do me a favour, dear reader. I want you to cast your mind back to the last time someone paid you a compliment… How did you react? How did it make you feel? If you brushed it off, laughed it off or felt all squirmy and uncomfortable, then please read on: You are fierce. You have no doubt been through and accomplished so much in your [...]

Building a business with Soul

A tale of soul vs ego I’m sure you’ve heard it before: being aligned is the answer to finding happiness in your work, and ultimately leads to business success… but what does being in Alignment actually mean? Were you ever that wonky to begin with? And how does alignment really impact the work you do, and how you serve others? I’ve been on a mission to figure out why this new-age [...]

Content Marketing in 7 Easy Steps

A tale of adding value and gaining trust Content Marketing - yet another intimidating marketing phrase aimed at scaring clients into submitting to retainer fees. But what does it actually mean? And how will it help your business? In short, it’s figuring out how to package your offering to the world. It's planning and structuring your message and deciding what you want to say, how you [...]

Choosing Love over Fear

A tale of illusion We live in a society that has taught us to be fearful. We weren’t born that way, we were born open, observant, trusting and permeable. Yet slowly but surely, fear began to mold us. We inherited fears from our parents: "that spider is scary, don’t speak to strangers, don’t swim straight after a meal or you’ll drown, don’t climb that tree you’ll [...]

Our magic is multi-disciplinary

Where do you fit in? I’ve been questioning this concept a lot recently - the idea that to "fit in" with society we can only be one thing. We have been conditioned to believe that we need to fit into a box, we need a ‘brand’, we have to choose where we sit at the high school cafeteria lunch table of life. You can only be [...]

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