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Building your business: Feel the fear and do it anyway

Starting your own business can be the most exhilarating ride you’ll ever go on. It’s a wild roller-coaster and you’re not wearing a seat belt. And yet there is something that drives you to make this decision; to take this bold, crazy step of entrepreneurship. There is something deep within you that is pulling you forward, telling you that you deserve more, that you ARE more. [...]

Facebook Ads for Beginners: What you need to know before you start

Can I let you in on a little secret? I hate social media. I mean, I love-hate it (I'm still technically a millennial, yo). I mean, I hate that I secretly love it. WHY IS THIS SO CONFUSING TO ME?? What I'm trying to say is this: You don't have to love The FB in your personal capacity or drink the Social KoolAid in your day-to-day [...]

Your Blueprint for Happiness

For anyone who doesn't know me or hasn't read my story, I'm a digital nomad. I currently live in Bali and work among some of the most creative, inspiring digital geniuses every day. We work in co-working spaces where shoes are left at the door and smoothie bowls are eaten around the pool. Our work days are sandwiched between surfing, yoga and beers on the beach [...]

Your 7 Step Marketing Strategy

Do you have a marketing strategy? Be honest, do you? I often get approached by business owners who have spent a fortune on their marketing, but can't see the results of their efforts. They have tried a combination of content and platforms without much success or clue of where they've gone wrong. And as soon as I mention the word **STRATEGY** they get a panicked, glazed [...]

Feminine energy in business

There is a silent revolution happening in the world right now. A shift in energy, a defiant consciousness, voices speaking out and standing up. Have you felt it? Are you a part of it? I’m talking about feminine energy. This is our time. Our time to speak up, change perceptions and step into our power. Weinstein. Cosby. Kavanaugh #MeToo. We've had enough, and we want the [...]

5 More things I have learnt as an entrepreneur: Part 2

1. Time is a strange thing When you’re bound by a 8:30-5, you know the parameters of every minute of the day. The time you need to wake up, shower, walk out the door. The time it takes to get to work: with traffic, without traffic. How long you can justify stretching that cup of coffee, water cooler chat, lunch break. When to schedule meetings in hourly [...]

5 Things I have learnt as an entrepreneur

Since I quit my corporate job and went on my own a couple of years ago, I have learnt so many lessons about myself, business and life. Here are a few of them: 1. I roll through MANY emotions And I mean MANY: Overwhelming happiness that my days are my own and I have the freedom to be creative on my own terms. Undeniable anxiety that [...]

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The Branded Panda - Facebook for beginners

Facebook Ads for Beginners:
Everything you need to know

The Branded Panda - Feminine energy in business

Feminine Energy in Business
Why it’s your greatest asset

The Branded Panda - 7 Step Marketing Strategy

Your 7 Step Marketing Strategy
It really is this simple


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